In this section we collect some papers about systems thinking and workshops, or papers using systems thinking to explore a particular problem. If you would like to have your paper published or linked here, please contact Marc Evers (marc.evers - systemsthinking - net ) or Willem van den Ende (willem - willemvandenende - com).

Promise is Debt / Belofte maakt schuld

Case study by Marc Evers and Willem van den Ende, who apply systems thinking to a common destructive behaviour pattern in IT organisations: overpromise when you underdeliver, and then overpromise some more... (in English and Dutch)

Results of the Systems Thinking Workshop at XP2004

by Marc Evers and Willem van den Ende contains impressions and photographs from this workshop.

Bob the project manager thinks about systems

by Pascal van Cauwenberghe is a short and simple introduction to Systems Thinking. It tells the story of Bob the project manager who, with the help of his mentor Jinnie, learns to apply Systems Thinking to the situations he encounters as a project manager.

Fear of intervention - how to make subordinates work as entrepreneurs.

by Willem van den Ende is a story about changing a situation where the boss is directing, to a situation where a subordinate feels empowered to make his own decisions.

Are we solving the Real Problems?

by Nynke Fokma is a story on introducing problem solving practices in an organization stuck in (re)cycling waterfall development problems. It was written for the United Kingdom Software Metrics Association (UKSMA) conference in Codicote, October 2001, and the AYE conference in Phoenix, USA, November 2001

So many worlds, so little time...

by Nynke Etk Fokma is a story about teaching by learning and learning by teaching as a change artist

Resistance Thinking can lead to a "self fulfilling prophesy"; three tips for avoiding that trap

by Erwin van der Bij and Nynke Etk Fokma is a story on how resistance thinking leads to resistance and on ways to get yourself unresisting again